The Floating City

After passing through the teleportal in the Mage tower at Castle Challenge. Our heroes find themselves on the top of a tower overlooking a large city. After exploring around the keep. They found it to be abandoned. The heroes determined that the City was indeed floating and was dislodged from the ancient site of Shannondale. Once a capital city of the old Argosian empire. Shannondale was thought to have been destroyed and buried during the catacylsm in the year 486. Peering out from the battlements they were able to see within the city some movement.

The heroes eventually meet the city guardians as they come back from a raid upon the orcs of the western Syrion Plateau. The heroes are given instruction that in order to defeat the Lich. They must enter the great Icewall Fortress at Cor Monlith, the Great Southern Spire.



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