Game 12 Sep:The Icewall Fortress

Entering the Icewall Fortress the heroes are confronted with an assortment of dead ends and pinch points. Diabolical traps and fiendish magical devices. They are confronted by 2 Ice Giant Guards that use the slick iced floor to their advantage. Soon though the heroes overcome the giants and proceed further into the dungeon. Finally faced with a Ice Giant Captain who attacks and retreats pulling the heroes deeper into the ice cavern. Soon even the captain is brought down though wounding several heroes severely.

As the captain crashed to the floor. the heroes noticed the white winged menace waiting deeper within the dimly lit cavern. The skylight, lightly ice covered, above casting a ominous glow upon the ice covered walls. Giving the white dragon an even more fiendish look…

Next: Cold Day in Hell…



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