House Rules

What follows are the Rule Updates for the RuneDragon campaign:

Campaign Points: Campaign Points are awarded for story progression and are saved from game session to game session unlike normal action points.

Healing Heroic Surge:

During any 1 round of combat or to modify a skills dice roll. A player may add +1 per each Heroic Surge used to a maximum of +2. This will not result in a critical hit.

If a character using ranged combat or spells targets a single opponent and makes no movement during a round. They may use 1 heroic surge to add +2 to hit vs Armor Class. (not against Fortitude, Reflex or Willpower defenses)

Magic Items that may require having accomplished a milestone may be activated by expending a Heroic Surge.

A character recovers Heroic Surges at the rate of 3 per day for levels 1-10, 4 per day at levels 11-20, and 5 per day above that.

Healing: A character will recover normal wounds at a rate of ΒΌ Total Hit Points (round down) recovered per day where a successful extended rest was taken. A character with heal skill can add for a successful skill roll (DC15). Take the skill check and divide by 5 rounding down for the additional damage healed.

House Rules

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