Who let the demon out of the bag

The intrepid heroes escaped the Fire Giant fortress thru a portal to the Astral Plane.


The heroes face the Adult White Dragon. The combat was epic and LONG.

Game 12 Sep:The Icewall Fortress

Entering the Icewall Fortress the heroes are confronted with an assortment of dead ends and pinch points. Diabolical traps and fiendish magical devices. They are confronted by 2 Ice Giant Guards that use the slick iced floor to their advantage. Soon though the heroes overcome the giants and proceed further into the dungeon. Finally faced with a Ice Giant Captain who attacks and retreats pulling the heroes deeper into the ice cavern. Soon even the captain is brought down though wounding several heroes severely.

As the captain crashed to the floor. the heroes noticed the white winged menace waiting deeper within the dimly lit cavern. The skylight, lightly ice covered, above casting a ominous glow upon the ice covered walls. Giving the white dragon an even more fiendish look…

Next: Cold Day in Hell…

The Floating City

After passing through the teleportal in the Mage tower at Castle Challenge. Our heroes find themselves on the top of a tower overlooking a large city. After exploring around the keep. They found it to be abandoned. The heroes determined that the City was indeed floating and was dislodged from the ancient site of Shannondale. Once a capital city of the old Argosian empire. Shannondale was thought to have been destroyed and buried during the catacylsm in the year 486. Peering out from the battlements they were able to see within the city some movement.

The heroes eventually meet the city guardians as they come back from a raid upon the orcs of the western Syrion Plateau. The heroes are given instruction that in order to defeat the Lich. They must enter the great Icewall Fortress at Cor Monlith, the Great Southern Spire.

Game 15 Aug 2009

The heroes decided to enter the magic tower and discover its secrets. They came across 30 sets of ornate full plate armor and 30 shields aligned around the interior wall. At the north end of the circular room stands a dias and a large crystal sphere.

(Rachel) decided to touch the sphere and with bold conecntration vanished from sight to another area of the tower. Eventually the entire party was able to make its way down to the level below.

From the room they had entered they opened a door and upon entering the next were confronted with the souls of 16 spirits of the long dead protectors of the ancient tower. After a brief encounter using diplomacy, tact and a little luck the heroes discover the Lich is controlling the tower and sending her minions to the various areas this tower can teleport too. The tower is being run by a pwoerful spectre in the lower chamber.

The battle was horrific! The heroes suffered at the undead hands of the spectre as it summoned mighty powers from the netherworld. They eventually destroyed its essence and sent it back to the negative plane. Capturing several items, inclusing a vile magic sword.

(DJ) while trying to identify it accidently touched the blades hilt (A roll of 1) and decided he really liked it. Picked the sword up and a scabbard magically appeared at his waist and he sheathed to weapon.

There was a hushed tone as the various players joked about never picking up a black, evil looking sword… or reading scrolls out of bone scroll cases.

Eventually the heroes were able to distract the misguided sword wielding wizard while the Priest was able to perform a remove curse ritual and successfully counter the effects of the sword.

THe heroes then were able to take control of the magic tower and move it bac to the Castle area they started at.

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